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In the historic wine-growing area of ​​Valpolicella some of the most representative wines of all Italy are born. From Amarone to Ripasso, to Valpolicella Classico, Superiore and Recioto, today's selection lets you discover the thousand shades of this region

The Bardolino D.O.C. outlined in 1968, it includes all or part of the municipalities of Torri del Benaco, Caprino, Rivoli, Pastrengo, Bussolengo, Castelnuovo del Garda, Sona, Peschiera del Garda, Sommacampagna and Valeggio sul Mincio. A total of 12 municipalities are affected on the Riviera and in the Garda hinterland, whose land is mainly morainic and partly fluvio-glacial.
The Superiore denomination is attributed to the wine obtained from the best grapes of particular vineyards, aged for at least a year, starting from 1 November of the year of production.
Chiaretto is obtained by vinifying the grapes in "pink", that is, with the traditional method of partial contact of the must with the skins.
The Chiaretto sparkling wine with natural fermentation methods gives Brut Sparkling Wine, the first of its kind in Italy.

Wine young in age but rich in history. Fast and lively modern cuisine loves fragrant, sapid, acidulous and at the same time slightly aromatic wines: this is Custoza. An innovative wine, affirmed on the Italian market for its aromatic kindness and gustatory softness. The gastronomic combination is very vast, it goes well with many dishes and on all occasions, at the table and between meals, in addition, thanks to its flavor slightly aromatic and fruity, it can also be ideal as a dessert wine.
Bianco di Custoza comes from Tuscan Trebbiano grapes (also called Roman castles), Garganega, Friulian tocai (in the area called Trebbianello), with additions of Cortese (also called Bianca Fernanda), Tuscan Malvasia, Italic Riesling, Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay.
There are also Bianco di Custoza Superiore and Bianco di Custoza passito.

Lugana Doc is produced in a small stretch of the southern shore of Lake Garda: it is the portion that from Desenzano crosses Sirmione, reaching Peschiera and then continuing inland on the hills of Pozzolengo and Lonato, in a very large part in the province of Brescia, with a small foray into the province of Verona.
At least 90% of Lugana must be made from grapes of the Trebbiano di Lugana grape. The color of the wine is straw white or greenish, with a tendency to slightly golden yellow with aging, especially in the version of the upper Lugana. The perfume is delicate and typical, the taste fresh, soft, harmonious, particularly delicate. Lugana spumante confirms the harmony of the original wine.

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