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Liqueurs and Grappas
Liqueurs and Grappas

Liqueurs and Grappas

Limoncello is obtained is characterized by a unique taste and aroma reminiscent of the authentic citrus liqueurs of the Italian tradition. Digestive at the end of the meal, its extraordinary perfume makes it a liqueur suitable for elegant occasions and events to be lived in the family.
The limoncino should be served strictly at a temperature of about 4 ° C

Grappa Amarone was born in copper stills, from the slow distillation of the marc from which the prestigious Amarone della Valpolicella wine was obtained. Thanks to the long rest in barriques, this Grappa refines its structure with pleasant notes of vanilla, tobacco and cocoa
Grappa di Moscato, distilled from the best Moscato pomace in copper steam boilers with discontinuous artisan system. It has a delicate and persistent perfume, with a soft and harmonious taste.

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